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Melodi - Semi-Random Sequencer

Melodi - Semi-Random Sequencer

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Video coming soon. Improvements: Skip, tie, length are now LIVE knobs. Added a ping-pong trend line and a blues scale. 

Melodi generates sequences based on the mood you set so you can create the sound you’re searching for—It can be tweaked to create anything from a powerful bassline to a sparkly melody.

Melodi parameter walkthrough video

1. NEW — will prompt Melodi to generate a new sequence.
2. TRIGGER IN — accepts a trigger to prompt Melodi to generate a new sequence.
1.  ON/OFF — determines if the sequence will loop or require retriggering.
2. TRIGGER — button and jack trigger the sequence to restart at the beginning.
* While adjusting tunable parameters, the light bar will reflect the current selection. For continuous parameters the light bar shows amount from 0-100%, for quantized  parameters the light bar shows steps. 
1. SKIP (continuous) — sets the probability that a note will be skipped in a sequence.
2. PLUCK (continuous)  — sets the length of the gate, from short plucks to gliding between notes (portamento). 
3. TIE (continuous)— sets the probability that a note gets tied to the next (effectively making the note last two clock cycles).
4. TREND (continuous) — sets whether the sequence trends upwards or downwards in pitch.
5. SCALE (quantized) — select the quantization of the notes used in the sequence. Choose from perfect notes, pentatonic scale, diatonic scale, chromatic scale and completely unquantized.
6. RANGE (continuous) — sets the range of notes from 1 to 4 octaves (unquantized) 
7. LENGTH (quantized) — select the number of notes to play in a sequence (from 1-16, or infinitely generating at the max position).
8. SPEED (continuous) — sets the tempo of the internal clock, between 20 and 2000 BPM.
1. GATE — outputs the gate of the notes in the sequence.
2. PITCH — outputs the pitch (in V/OCT) of the sequence.
1. SELECT — Melodi will generate internal clock signal if select switch is up, and will use external clock signal when down
2. IN — connect external clock signal 
3. OUT — output clock signal

- Module Size: 3U X 8HP X 25 Mm Deep.
- Current Draw: 85mA @ 12V, 10mA @ -12V.

- Ready to use Assembled Module
- Mounting Screws
- Power Cable
- User Manual 

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