Downloads and tutorials for all firmware versions of Omnitone's Eurorack modules.


Melodi Firmware Versions

Melodi Firmware Version 2 (Windows 10+) [2024-07-01]

Melodi Firmware Version 2 (Mac OS) [2024-07-01]

1. Check the revision number or "REV #" on the back of your Melodi.
If it is 2.1 or less, firmware updates are not possible.

If it is 2.3 or less, you must connect a power cable and a USBC cable to perform the update.

If it is 2.4 or less, you may only connect a USBC cable.

2. Download the Omnitone Firmware Updater V1
If blocked, you may need to allow the app to open in "Privacy and Security" Settings.

3. Download Melodi-V2-Firmware

4. Press the "Check Module Connection" button. It should say DFU device found. If multiple devices are found, or no devices are found, try disconnecting and reconnecting Melodi.

5. Press "Select Firmware and Flash" and select Melodi-V2-Firmware to upgrade Melodi.

6. All done. Enjoy!


Rosci Firmware Versions

Rosci Firmware Version 1.1.2 [2024-06-14]

Upgrade for improved V/OCT tracking

Update Guide (estimated 5 min)

1. Open this link to ESP Tool on either Google Chrome or Edge browser

2. Plug your Rosci into your computer via the USBC port. Your computer may need a minute to auto-download a USB driver. You do not need to connect Rosci to Eurorack power for this update.

3. Under "Program" set the Baudrate to "115200"

4. Click "Connect" and a menu showing a list of serial connections will pop up. Click the connection that says something along the lines of "USB" or "JTAG" or "ESP". If you're unsure which device is Rosci, you can check your computers device manager.

5. The console should report some information about Rosci like "ESP32-S3", "Crystal is 40MHz", and "Stub running..."
If it doesn't say this, try unplugging and re-plugging in Rosci.

6. IMPORTANT: Under flash address, type "0x10000" (extra 0 from default!)

7. Download Rosci-firmware-v1.1.2, and then upload it to ESP Tool.

8. Click "Program"

9. Unplug Rosci and put it back in your case.

10. Enjoy!

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