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7Path - Ethernet Patch Cable Bridge

7Path - Ethernet Patch Cable Bridge

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Connect Eurorack Cases without long patch cables. Great for jams and large systems. 
7Path is a pair of modules that can connect two points in your system, or two different systems together via an ethernet cable. Think of it like a patch cable extension cord: instead of 7 long patch cables, you just have 1 ethernet cable! 7Path allows patching of any type of eurorack signal to be passed between the modules. There is no restriction for using only input or output signals on the modules, you can have combinations of both.

The jack numbers between the modules are 1-1. Thus, a signal you patch to the #4 jack of a 7Path module will be available on #4 jack of the other 7Path module!

Technical Specs:
- 4HP x 3U x 20mm deep
- Passive module (no power required)
- Supports signals up to 10ft (unshielded ethernet cable, more if shielded)

What's in the box:
- 2x 7Path modules
- 4x Mounting screws 
Note: Does not include ethernet cable

Order processing is usually 1-2 days. 

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