What creators are saying about melodi:

"It's really given me far more control over my performance baselines in a small 6U104 rack. Ideas are just pouring out with every tweak of the parameters and a push on the New Gen button - nice work Omnitone"



No more time spent fidgeting with sequence steps, Melodi generates sequences based on the mood you set so you can create the sound you’re searching for—It can be tweaked to create anything from a powerful bassline to a sparkly melody.
1. NEW — will prompt Melodi to generate a new sequence.
2. TRIGGER IN — accepts a trigger to prompt Melodi to generate a new sequence.
1.  ON/OFF — determines if the sequence will loop or require retriggering.
2. TRIGGER — button and jack trigger the sequence to restart at the beginning.
* While adjusting tunable parameters, the light bar will reflect the current selection. For continuous parameters the light bar shows amount from 0-100%, for quantized  parameters the light bar shows steps. 
1. SKIP (continuous) — sets the probability that a note will be skipped in a sequence.
2. PLUCK (continuous)  — sets the length of the gate, from short plucks to gliding between notes (portamento). 
3. TIE (continuous)— sets the probability that a note gets tied to the next (effectively making the note last two clock cycles).
4. TREND (continuous) — sets whether the sequence trends upwards or downwards in pitch.
5. SCALE (quantized) — select the quantization of the notes used in the sequence. Choose from perfect notes, pentatonic scale, diatonic scale, chromatic scale and completely unquantized.
6. RANGE (continuous) — sets the range of notes from 1 to 4 octaves (unquantized) 
7. LENGTH (quantized) — select the number of notes to play in a sequence (from 1-16, or infinitely generating at the max position).
8. SPEED (continuous) — sets the tempo of the internal clock, between 20 and 2000 BPM.
1. GATE — outputs the gate of the notes in the sequence.
2. PITCH — outputs the pitch (in V/OCT) of the sequence.
1. SELECT — Melodi will generate internal clock signal if select switch is up, and will use external clock signal when down
2. IN — connect external clock signal 
3. OUT — output clock signal


- Module Size: 3U x 8HP x 25 mm deep.
- Current Draw: 50mA @ 12V, 10mA @ -12V.


- Ready to use Assembled Module
- Mounting Screws
- Power Cable
- User Manual